March 23, 2023

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Today there is practically no concrete without
admixtures or construction chemicals. They are used in
concrete at the time of construction or during maintenance &
repairs to produce several desirable properties. Twenty years
ago, construction chemicals were rarely adopted in India, but
today there is a great awareness among practicing Engineers,
Contractors and Public about the use of construction
chemicals. To suit the demand, in India, a number of
companies are emerging in the field of construction chemicals.
Plenty of such products are available in the market. But there
are no specifications and standards about their usage. In the
absence of these norms, the companies advertising their
products as Hi-tech and Super stuff. The only literature
available is the manufacturer’s brochures. Therefore the user
finds it very difficult to choose a particular product. A
comprehensive study about these chemicals was made in this
work to evaluate their performance by conducting a series of
laboratory tests.
Several crores of rupees are being spent throughout the world
on rehabilitation and restoration of structures. In traditional
methods of repairs, the same problems may occur within a
short span of time due to
i) Inadequate bonding of new concrete to old concrete or new
plaster to old plaster
ii) Corrosion of reinforcement bars not being totally removed.
Today, construction chemicals play a vital role in repairs. They
provide a long-term solution in the rehabilitation of the
distressed members. They bring the damaged members to the
original state within a short span.
For a particular admixture, there are plenty of market
products available in the form of varied chemical bases.

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